Mohair Mornings

Saturday walk to brunch in East Williamsburg. These were probably the only photos where I didn't look miserable from the freezing cold we're still experiencing in New York. 

Luckily this coat is super warm, it's a classic 60s mohair car coat one of the coolest color combinations I've seen in awhile. It will be in the Etsy shop next week:

Happy Valentines Day! 

Two Years Time

Dear Blog,
It's been nearly two years since I last posted. And too much has happened in that time to write down. I have graduated from F.I.T.,  moved out of my post-college apartment and have been living with my boyfriend of almost two years for over a year now. I've realized a lot about myself, some things harder to accept then others. Most importantly I realized (as cliche as it may be) that to be I need to be true to myself.  The fashion industry is not for me and that's okay. I am pursuing a dream to open my own vintage store and this blog may take on a totally different note from here on out, with less photo collages and more photos of me and my vintage finds and more writing as I work things out, making mistakes but hopefully making progress.  I hope, that in the end it will be a more relatable and interesting story to follow. I hope you do too.