Oh yeah, Happy Halloween

Tim Burton by Tim Walker

Leap of Faith

I'm just going to roll with it

Barbie Dream House

This is how I feel today.


Love Photos

I'm having trouble finding any photos I like about love. All the ones I seem to like are just a little off. Which I guess is fine, but I'd love to find at least one photo about love that I love. These will have to do for now. One is a little too sweet, the second is trying a bit hard. But we're getting closer.

I Miss Summer

Places To Go: Helsinki

a street; Helsinki, Finland

Nocturne in Black and Gold

Boaz Cohen: Infinity Aquarium

Places To Go: Yakutsk

Virgin Siberian Forest to see the Stone Trees of Yakutsk. From the Yakutia region, I can pay an armed local five hundred dollars to take me there in his boat, and we can make it in about 4 days.


Two Beds