Painted Gems

This is how I feel today.

The cutest thing ever.
A few hours ago, I left my friend's apartment.
As I step off their stoop a tiny little boy points at me and yells
"There's the lady!"

At that time, about fifteen kids, probably ranging from 5-11 start running towards me and follow me down the street singing some song about lollipops (seriously now)
The get into a single file line.
Everyone on the street is staring at me, because I'm apparently the band leader.

And I'm dying laughing and I start to run
and they chase me down the street giggling and singing
and I loop back around, and get my friends to come out and see

And they do.
They see the kids bum rush me again
And I run with them down the street
racing them to the corner where I say
"Bye Guys!"
and they all say
"Bye Lady!"

Yoshida Hiroshi