Word on these tights? Underbara?
all day every day

Black Rice


Klimt, Rothko, Bath, Barbie, and Lady Godiva

Shadow and Soul

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret,
between the shadow and the soul
pablo neruda


This is how I feel today.


This is how I feel today.

martha all i had was you, and all you had was me

Earth Wind Water

Painted Gems

This is how I feel today.

The cutest thing ever.
A few hours ago, I left my friend's apartment.
As I step off their stoop a tiny little boy points at me and yells
"There's the lady!"

At that time, about fifteen kids, probably ranging from 5-11 start running towards me and follow me down the street singing some song about lollipops (seriously now)
The get into a single file line.
Everyone on the street is staring at me, because I'm apparently the band leader.

And I'm dying laughing and I start to run
and they chase me down the street giggling and singing
and I loop back around, and get my friends to come out and see

And they do.
They see the kids bum rush me again
And I run with them down the street
racing them to the corner where I say
"Bye Guys!"
and they all say
"Bye Lady!"

Yoshida Hiroshi


This is how I feel today.

Animal House

I found these images separately and have had them for a long long while now.
I never knew what the deal with this house was
till a few nights ago when my roommate, who is from Detroit, was showing me this great documentary on how young artists are trying to rebuild and reinvent the city.
And there it was.
It was like seeing a friend on television.

to watch the movie, and see the house.
definitely worth your time.