My Future Husband

(Yeah, I realize I'm writing this on a blog which contradicts everything I say below but I wrote it quickly without editing if that's any consolation)

I like this book. I'm aware that my opinion is hardly an expert one, but this book solidifies what I talk about constantly and it's comforting to not feel so alone in my opinions on how technology is handicapping us as a society.

More and more I've been thinking of 1984 and Newspeak

Okay, I get it. A text message is easier then a phone call. The sting of rejection is greatly lessened by an unreturned e-mail than an awkward face to face meeting and I'll be the first to admit that I'm guilty of this. But in the end aren't we the ones losing out? Things that come out of my mouth are usually too blunt and most often embarrassing but the fact that I can't take ample time to manicure my thoughts and feelings to make myself seem smarter/funnier/sexier makes them more real, right?

I think John Freeman agrees. Which is why I'm going to carve an eloquent letter onto a big clay tablet asking him to have coffee with me.