Mohair Mornings

Saturday walk to brunch in East Williamsburg. These were probably the only photos where I didn't look miserable from the freezing cold we're still experiencing in New York. 

Luckily this coat is super warm, it's a classic 60s mohair car coat one of the coolest color combinations I've seen in awhile. It will be in the Etsy shop next week:

Happy Valentines Day! 

Two Years Time

Dear Blog,
It's been nearly two years since I last posted. And too much has happened in that time to write down. I have graduated from F.I.T.,  moved out of my post-college apartment and have been living with my boyfriend of almost two years for over a year now. I've realized a lot about myself, some things harder to accept then others. Most importantly I realized (as cliche as it may be) that to be I need to be true to myself.  The fashion industry is not for me and that's okay. I am pursuing a dream to open my own vintage store and this blog may take on a totally different note from here on out, with less photo collages and more photos of me and my vintage finds and more writing as I work things out, making mistakes but hopefully making progress.  I hope, that in the end it will be a more relatable and interesting story to follow. I hope you do too.

Black Swan

I'm back for good. 

This is how I feel today.

13 Virtues: Temperance

Following in the steps of Benjamin Franklin, I've decided to take on his practice of the 13 Virtues, working on one every week in particular, while keeping the other 12 in mind.

This week will be Temperance

"Eat not to dullness, drink not to elevation"

A practice in restraint.

Martin Azua

This golden cube is like a balloon and a kite
it's wind inflated
so big you can fit into it
and so small it can be packed into a pocket

I think this would be an awesome x-mas gift!

This is how I feel today.


Into Black

Sleepless in Seattle

This is how I feel today.